What is PDXAGE?

PDXAGE (Stands for Portland Analog Gaming Event) is an annual tabletop gaming event that takes place each year in May. PDXAGE began in May of 2014 by two avid table-top gamers and has seen increased attendance each year.  The three days of PDXAGE are packed with scheduled events, tournaments, play to win opportunities, play testing, daily raffles, a charity raffle, a game library to borrow from, and free play areas.

New in 2015 & 2016, PDXAGE also has specific areas for DD Adventurers League and Pathfinder running scheduled games all weekend.

What makes PDXAGE Unique?

There are a lot of awesome events in the Northwest, but PDXAGE stands apart in that it is a grass roots event all in one giant room. PDXAGE believes that putting all table-top gamers in one room leads to meeting more people, and having more time to play. PDXAGE is also an event organized by a husband-wife duo with 28 years combined event planing experience making PDXAGE one of the most organized events you'll attend. Other ways PDXAGE stands out is that PDXAGE's venue allows outside food and drink, PDXAGE provides free parking, and Comcast provides free WiFi for the weekend. 

Where do I get Tickets & Join in?

Go here to buy tickets for the next PDXAGE event and check out our Facebook Group to keep up to date on monthly game nights and event announcements