On the last day of the 2017 event PDXAGE founders Jessica and Matt made an announcement:

Greetings Community,

After a lot of soul searching and thought, We have an announcement to share with you all.

It has been exciting to see PDXAGE grow each year, not only in numbers, but also in the connection among community members, number of booths, game developers demoing games, and special events like D&D adventures / Pathfinder. There are many great people in this community which is always the best part of the events. We are honored to call many of these people our friends and greatly appreciate the relationships we have developed. This year has been hard for Matt and me on many fronts and not the least of these is that I have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that greatly impacts my ability to put energy into multiple things. In addition, my primary day job is as a psychologist in private practice and this has also grown in the last few years. My professional practice takes priority in terms of where my energies need to go on a daily basis. As a result, the last 3 months have brought needed reflection and decisions about where to put my (and Matt’s) limited energy. This led to a very difficult decision, PDXAGE 4 was the last PDXAGE, at least for now. Who knows what the future holds, but for the time being PDXAGE will be on hiatus. This decision was made about 6 weeks ago as we were deep into the frantic chaos of pre-event prep and noticing the burnout for me and how much Matt had to take on to get essential event things done. I realized that I no longer have the amount of energy it requires to do both my psychology practice and run an event like PDXAGE. In addition, Matt has his full-time work in PDXLAN and cannot take on all of PDXAGE. So, because we cannot put the amount of energy into PDXAGE that we feel it deserves and in the interest of work life balance, PDXAGE is on hold. There may be a time in the future when a toned down PDXAGE may resurface, but that is unknown at this point. We feel that in order to be healthy, to be better friends, and to be intact body, mind and spirit, we need to make some major changes in our lives.

I and Matt both want to express our appreciation to the people in the community who have supported us and helped us grow. Heartfelt thanks goes out to those that had faith in us even before we proved ourselves. A ton of thanks goes out to our biggest supporter from the very beginning, Guardian Games with Angel and Michelle. They supported us when we were just starting out and no one knew who we were. They offered advice, committed to coming to PDXAGE when we were brand new, helped us grow our library, bought ads in our event book, let us advertised at the store, and ran numerous tournaments to add fun activities to PDXAGE. Best of all they have become friends. Many, many thanks to you, Angel and Michelle!

We also greatly appreciate the attendees, game developers, and vendors who have positively contributed to the event and the community. There are many of you who have been with us since the beginning, have come to all the events, invested in our library, and offered support of us. We know that this decision will be hard and potentially hurtful to you. We are sorry for that, but know that we ultimately must take care of ourselves so we can continue to give back and be present in our lives. We will still be a part of the community, we still love board gaming and plan to keep playing and attending local events. We hope to see you all there.

~ Game On!
Jessica and Matt