Game Library Donors

This page is dedicated to honoring those who choose to donate to our game library.

There are two ways to donate; you can click the donate button and use PayPal to contribute any amount of money you would like towards the PDXAGE game library or you can bring a game that is in new to very good condition to donate. Please check in with us to make sure your donation is not a duplicate of something we already have. Everyone who donates either a game or money will be listed on this site in perpetuity. Additionally, if you make a game donation or cash donation of $25 or more, you may claim an exclusive 'green' donors pin at the next event. Please note that in order to be guaranteed a donors pin, donations need to be made 6 weeks prior to the next event so we can place our pin order. We may be able to take some donations latter and still get you a pin, but be sure to check in with us.  All game donations must be approved (mostly to avoid over duplication) prior donation to be eligible to claim a donors pin. For game donations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Monetary Donations:


10-31-2013 PDXLAN / Conwell's  
11-1-2013 Nathaniel Green  
11-5-2013 Evan Martin  
11-7-2013 Sam Mills  
11-10-2013 Christopher Everett  
11-22-2013 Ben White  
02-7-2014 Byron Kropf  
03-07-2015 Christopher Everett  
03-07-2015 Amber Anderson  
03-09-2015 Brian Ramey  
03-12-2015 Andrew Morello  
03-17-2015 Sam Mills  
03-18-2015 Norm Davis  
01-03-2016 Sam Mills  
02-25-2016 Anthony Lofy  
02-29-2016 Christopher Everett  
03-08-2016 Jeremy Birtola  
03-21-2016 Brian Ramey  
03-15-2016 Edwin Eisal-Weber  


Game Donations:

 Check out the games people have donated here.