Event Volunteer Program

Event volunteers are essential to help the event run smoothly and make up a great group of people. Event volunteer may work shifts at the front desk and the event library. Their tasks typically include answering event questions questions, checking people in, selling day badges, manning the event library, maintaining scheduled event schedules and performing other needed tasks. For these roles we look for people who have good customer service skill and people skills. To sign up to be an event volunteer, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Volunteers earn perks based on the number of shifts worked. Shifts are typically 4hrs long and will be assigned before the event starts. Volunteer perks are listed below next to the number of shifts needed to earn each.

2+ shifts  =  Unique red event pin

3+ shifts  =  Unique colored event shirt

4+ shifts  = Weekend event badge comped

5+ shifts  = Partial hotel room (to be shared with other volunteers. Limited number of these volunteer positions available and this must be confirmed by event admin prior to event.

Updated on 1-11-16 by Jessica Conwell